Art of Sleeping announce debut album “Shake Shiver” and premiere video for ‘Voodoo’

July 17 sees the release of Shake Shiver, the debut album from Brisbane indie charmers, Art Of Sleeping via Dew Process / Universal Music Australia.

As the title concedes, Shake Shiver is an album of juxtapositions, from hushed folk to raw rock n’ roll; there are few corners the arrangements don’t explore. Created in the midst of a humid, Queensland summer, the album took shape at Airlock Studios and was mixed by Swedish maestro Lasse Marten (Lykke Li, Sarah Blasko, Franz Ferdinand, Peter, Bjorn and John).

Looking for a innovative way to capture their expansive sound that entrances audiences so completely at their live shows, the band enlisted the help of Big Scary’s Tom Iansek and their long-term collaborator Yanto Browning for production. With an array of treated sounds, the album combines varied textures in ways that are ambitious and unusual; Caleb’s voice is used as an instrument full of intuitive swells and fades, from heartbroken tenor to condemning baritone; often the complexities are subtle enough to miss on first glance.

“Working with Tom helped us explore a whole lot of new and different techniques for recording – flipping songs, inverting them and looking at them in a totally different way. Somewhere where we’d play a piano chord, instead we’d flip it open and pluck the actual strings, and after all this experimenting we created all this emotive and thought provoking music that was very layered and dense – and that, I guess, we described it as though it makes you ‘shiver’ – music that makes you feel something on an emotional level.” – Caleb Hodges

Capturing the band’s expansive arrangements and intoxicating lyricism, Art of Sleeping’s latest single ‘Voodoo’ is a superstitious anthem that sets a sensual soundtrack of unreciprocated heartbreak. Drums rattle, guitars soar and an imaginary wind howls as the song recounts a painful, wild love affair. The video directed by Nelson Alves (Andy Bull, The Paper Scissors and YesYou) was inspired by inspired by the photography of Gregory Crewdson who is best known for his very saturated, surreal and elaborately staged scenes of American homes and neighborhoods.

The band’s large online presence has generated close to 2 million combined views on their SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and Vevo channels. Art Of Sleeping’s electrifying debut solidifies them as being one of the most exciting bands to emerge in 2015.