Twinsy create a sonic soundtrack to a road trip across California, with the top down, past palm tree-lined beaches, hurtling towards Nevada at a hundred miles an hour. Dusk settles along the open highway as the bass-line builds; the ocean’s glassy surface glints in perfect time to the steely percussion; each contagious melody they make is as eclectic as an Acapulco shirt and the crisp sound as refreshing as a cocktail, seated in the shade at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

It seems surprising that given their penchant for calypso-infused and tropical-sounding tracks, that the trio was formed in the middle of winter, in the perpetually un-summery town of Ballarat, Victoria.

Comprised of Michael Belsar, Guy Chappell and Jack Craven Twinsy was a auditory holiday for the group of friends, sharing a drafty studio while on break from touring with their bands, DJ duos and summer festival circuits. Yacht Club DJs’ Guy wanted to spend the break practicing the drums – an instrument he’d been learning since childhood, which had taken a back seat as his DJ career took off and Guy was searching for a new creative outlet while members of Hunting

Grounds formed a punk band. The opportunely named Twinsy was formed from their jams of feel-good dance floor tunes set to an imaginary vacation. Vocalist and guitarist Jack later joined, after the break-up of fellow ‘Ballarfornian’ band Neon Love, adding his talents to the multi-coloured collection of intimate songwriters and party-starting composers.

In the year that followed, Twinsy set the music scene a-blaze with their self-titled EP and their 2012 single ‘Waterbombs’ became the perfect summer chorus. Not limited to sunlit festival stages and clubs across the country at 3am, Twinsy struck on a new electronic sound that carried far from the dance-_oor and found a home in the head phones of anyone connected to the internet. The uplifting breezy beats of their home-recorded anthems carried with them nostalgic and simply relatable lyrics of love and lust that won them fans across the globe.

Almost two years later and summer holidays’ are in the air once more as Twinsy are set to release their latest EP through their new label home of Dew Process and will also feature special guests including Airling, DZ Deathrays, The Cairos, Tchaikovsky and plenty more. This summer, and plenty more to come are looking forward to the fresh sounds of Twinsy.