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After causing a ruckus at South by Southwest and being named “The Best Live Band in Britain”, Dananananaykroyd are now looking to unleash their debut album in Australia via Dew Process.

The six-piece from Glasgow have demolished all stereotypes of the post-hardcore/indie-rock scene, introducing their “fight-pop” genre to the UK in 2008. NME attempted to capture their sound by comparing the band to Sonic Youth, At The Drive-In and Fugazi after the UK-only 2008 release of their mini-LP “Sissy Hits”. Australia will be introduced to the self-created genre in the coming months and, if the critical acclaim in the UK is anything to go by, Aussies will be screaming for “fight-pop” before they can pronounce the band’s name (Dana-nana-naykroyd).

The new Dew Process signing need two drumkits to smash out their relentless battering rhythms, two singers to bellow, shout and hype the crowd, and just a few songs to get everyone into a frenzy. This ferocious excitement was captured by producer Machine (Lamb of God, Fall Out Boy) on their New York recorded debut album “Hey Everyone” which is set to smack our shores in the second half of this year.

Currently, Dananananaykroyd are on a busy touring schedule throughout Europe, having already completed a hectic support schedule; sharing the stage with the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, Foals and The Futureheads.

When not on tour, charming the crowd into performing a “Wall of Cuddles” (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cij4-y0ID8 for more details), the cheeky sextet are often thinking up new ways to turn heads. They have been known to pose like Trainspotting characters for a double-page feature and also create their band name out of human-posed letters for a magazine cover (guitarist David jokes on the band’s blog “The actual correct spelling in a magazine for the first time ever! If you want something done right, do it yourself!") They can also be found giving brash music, love or medical advice via their caring-is-sharing video segment “DanananAgony Aunts” on their own Myspace (http://www.myspace.com/dananananaykroyd).


“Best new band in Britian”

Rocksound 9/10

“Dananananaykroyd are the best fucking live band on the face of the fucking planet”

Clash 9/10

“These Scots rock”


“A snarling beast of Black Flag inspired riffs and positive indie vibing”


“Brilliantly noisy – check out the gargantuan combo of duelling drums and squalling riffs – and clever, catchy and effortlessly joyous to boot”


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