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At first it strikes you, the name Mosman Alder conjures up images of a mysterious gentleman, tired about the face but with eyes that are still sharp, dressed with care in clothes from another time. A photograph of tarnished grandeur.

While this is actually a good visual representation of the sound of Mosman Alder the reality of the name is closer in spirit to the way in which the band formed and how they make their music. For example, everyone in the band has an equal say. Even talking to them, you notice that they finish each others sentences, each picking up where the other left off and unlike in most acts, there was no specific member who collected the others around themselves to form the band. In this spirit, the band name emerged out of the group. 'Mosman' was taken from an area near Cairns where a couple of members originally lived and 'Alder' from the type of wood that one of their guitars was made out of. Apart from being a good wood for guitar making, Alder is also associated with the Celtic god of the underworld who was also associated with prophecy, arts, war and writing - unsurprising once you hear the band's music.

If one was forced to find a centre to the circle it would be main vocalist Valdis Valodze's deep, theatrical croon which lies at the heart of the swirling counterpoint of the other other five band members, Jackson Muir (guitar/vocals), Katarzyna Wiktorski (piano/vocals), Damian Wood (drums) , Liam Haug (bass) and Robyn Dawson (violin). The total is akin to classical architecture in a way - sprawling in scale but covered in detail.

Despite being together scarcly a year the band have been busy with shows, their first being a Richard in Your Mind support, followed shortly thereafter by shows with Final Flash (Canada), Machine Translations, Hungry Kids of Hungry, Deep Sea Arcade, Surf City (NZ) and The Besnard Lakes (Canada).

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