UK rockers Circa Waves  take their place at the top of the rock heap with the release of their barnstorming, sophomore album Different Creatures.

Featuring the already massive singles, Wake Up and Fire That Burns‘, the album’s release heralds a huge change of sound from the band, who surprised and delighted fans and critics with those earlier singles and the brutally heavy but undeniably just as infectious new approach to their music.

This powerhouse rock sound came about thanks to the co-production skills of Circa Waves frontman Kieran Shudall and studio legend Alan Moulder (Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Killers, Foo Fighters, Royal Blood, NIN), who worked together to raise the levels of fuzzed guitars to jostle for space alongside Shudall’s trademark melodies, and to re-introduce the world to a band ready to push their sound forward and claim their place at the top of the table of UK guitar bands.

The follow up to the Liverpool quartet’s massive, breakout, debut, 2015 album Young ChasersDifferent Creatures is poised to be the grittier, ‘night time’ counterpart to the breezy summer vibes of its predecessor – an album which established them as firm favourites of Aussie audiences off the back of huge singles like ‘T-Shirt Weather’ and ‘Fossils’.

Shaped by Shudall’s perceptive songwriting that reflects the changes in the world he sees, Different Creatures showcases a general sense of disenchantment, as he tackles weightier subject matter against the backdrop of a louder and more forceful band, delving into a sonic territory occupied by rock heavyweights such as Arctic Monkeys and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Shudall says he has a new found perspective on his songwriting in the aftermath of the success of Young Chasers that has resulted in this maturing of the band’s sound, encouraging them to evolve rather than rest on their laurels. “When I saw the way that people connected with it I really started to believe in myself. I’m a different person now – I feel like I’ve got a fire in my belly with this record.”

Different Creatures is the sound of a band who are going with their hearts, reflecting the changes they’re seeing unfold around them and moving forward. A risky move, but as fans will soon discover for themselves, it’s a risk that has paid off creatively in droves.

Different Creatures Is Out Now Via Dew Process / EMI HERE.


Different Creatures Track-listing:
1. Wake Up
2. Fire That Burns
3. Goodbye
4. Out On My Own
5. Different Creatures
6. Crying Shame
7. Love’s Run Out

8. Stuck
9. A Night On The Broken Tiles
10. Without You
11. Old Friends