Mosman Alder Perform ‘Colours’ at black Bear Lodge Session

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Via ToneDeaf

The latest edition in the alway captivating stripped back Black Bear Lodge Sessions comes courtesy of Brisbane’s indie gems Mosman Alder.

Having released their killer debut LP last year, these guys are really carving themselves a groove in Aussie indie rock history. The debut LP Humdrum Star wove the band mates’ experiences of travelling overseas, the bitter sweetness of returning home, online pen-pals, sharing dog-eared books from Japanese expressionists, navigating through shyness and Arts schools and the inevitable searching that comes with figuring out life through your early twenties is underpinned by the band’s love of music, art, storytelling and ultimately, their own friendship.

The single ‘Colours’ which the band performed in the BBL session was taken from their debut LP and is as the band’s Jackson Muir explained “the last song written for the album. It’s a collective band favourite. I love the drums, they are like clockwork, like parts systematically clunking over inside a machine. I was in a bit of transitional period when writing this. There was a shift in my thinking towards life and the people around me. All for the better! The last line “do you know your colour?” is a reference to an old friend and a conversation we once had about colour symbolism.”


Mosman Alder Humdrum Star