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Guineafowl 'Little Fingers' video premiere  13 April 2011

Wow. We're at a loss as to how to explain the complexity of this clip, so we'll let Guineafowl himself have a word. First, CLICK HERE to watch the amazing clip, directed by Kip Williams.


"Backwards clips are not as common as you think in music videos: Coldplay did one for 'The Scientist' and Jack Johnson did one for 'Sitting, Waiting, Wising'. What both clips share (aside from being in reverse) is the artists, at points, turning to the camera and singing the verse or chorus backwards. Although both artists accomplished this pretty well in their various clips, we wanted to try and top them.

So, the director of the clip, Kip W illiams (who directed Guineafowl's first ever clip for 'Botanist' - Dom), asked me to learn every lyric of 'Little Fingers' backwards, including the kinda dense verses. On top of this, Kip had decided to speed the filming of the clip up by a third, so as to give the impression that things were moving a little slower when we returned the clip to proper pace. So, I was to learn the entire song backwards and by the day we shot had to have the ability to sing it a third faster than regular.

When you approach singing a word backwards, it's actually not important to say all the letters in the word, but to emulate the shapes that word makes with your lips. So for us, "Out of Horror" became "Orror Vorno" rather than "rorroh fo tuo". This made singing the song a little easier as the words became less consonant heavy and more about vowel shapes.

On the day of shooting, I was still frantically trying to learn the lyrics, and even had crew members holding up big pieces of cardboard with our made up language scrawled all over it whilst we were shooting.

Due to timing constraints and the fact that we did not have the budget to trash multiple rooms, we had two chances at filming the clip, so I did not get much practice at singing and trashing the room at the same time. In Johnson's and Coldplay's clip, each artist often turns away or looks down when they are singing, I had to look right at the camera and deliver, and although sometimes it looks like I am saying gibberish, those moments where the lyrics match my lip syncing are dead on. Take that Chris Martin..."



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