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Zulu Winter sign to Dew Process  12 December 2011

London’s Zulu Winter are scholarly gents raised on literature and art, cerebral subjects and obscure Russian film-makers. These five firm friends have produced music that has seen them hailed as the most exciting guitar band in Britain off the back of just a handful of shows.

"If there can be (as there were at last count) four new Lily Allens, seven new Laura Marlings and eleventy-nine new Amys, surely there's room for two new indie bands with the potential to become the next Brixton Academy-filling, festival tent-headlining phenomenon? The feeling is that Zulu Winter could be the ones."

The Guardian

Zulu Winter spent the last year in seclusion creating, writing and generally pissing off their girlfriends to perfect the catchy-as pop tracks with character. And now they have everyone talking. Zulu Winter just hit the UK and Europe touring circuit with Foster The People and have a swag of European festivals in the offing before heading to SXSW in March.

"On the early evidence this seems like a band that’s clearly able to not only write tunes that are instantly engaging, but that are ready as singles… After this first few months of hype is over we predict that this band will go on to be the success that 2012 doesn’t yet know it’s waiting for."

The Recommender

“Brought to you from the management team behind The Cribs, Crystal Castles and The Vaccines, it's fair to say Zulu Winter already have a fair deal of expectation around them.”

NME Radar

Dew Process is proud to welcome our well-read UK friends to our little family, check out their poet-Laureate championing, book-reviewing blog here We’ll be sure to ask them to explain obscure tome Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” to us in full so we don’t have to try and get through it again.

To get you excited, here’s just a little bite of the future with track ‘Never Leave'.




The debut album will be released through Dew Process in 2012.


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