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White Arrows release 'Get Gone' video  26 March 2012



LA’s White Arrows sent SXSW into a party of flickering lights and seizure inducing visual frenzy. Now White Arrows are taking aim at Australia with lead single ‘Get Gone’. Co-produced with hot property RAC, ‘Get Gone’ is a groove-soaked, synth’-laden gem, encompassing a fusion of heavyweight melodic hooks, hip hop drum samples and analogue synths.

The video is a psychedelic display of colours and patterns, layered over a live performance from the band. The big bursts of bright colours and patterns are not something White Arrows shy away from - in fact they are known to embrace it with all their photos and artwork littered with hues and tints.

The genesis of this love for vivid colours may be lead singer Mickey Church’s vision impairment as a young boy - he spent much of his first years blind. With his eyesight being righted at age eleven, the array of colours, shapes, lines and designs engulfed him, leaving a lasting impression.

Dew Process will be releasing White Arrow’s ‘Get Gone’ digitally with two bonus tracks on Monday 26th March.


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