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The Grates record their third album and announce a line up change  28 January 2011

The Grates have been based in Brooklyn for the last year. Holed up in the studio they have been writing and recording their forthcoming album. It’s been an interesting period for the Brisbane band as they relocated to the USA, saw a change in their line up and began work in earnest on their next record.


Drummer Alana Skyring has moved on from The Grates to pursue culinary arts, studying in Manhattan at the Institute of Culinary Education.


“Brooklyn has a persuasive & inviting community spirit. Being surrounded by thousands of artists finding pleasure in their creations definitely re-energised our spirits in writing a new record.” says frontwoman Patience Hodgson of the move.


“Naive or ignorant - maybe both - but eventually Summer passed and the severity of the North America Winter was unexpectedly upon us and the slowly changing dynamic between us was as evident as the shift in season. Moving to NYC had successfully brought out the best in all of us but Alana was discovering that her best lay not with drums but with baking. To continue growing as people we decided to go our separate ways,” Hodgson says.


The Grates will continue as a two-piece, recruiting talented renegades along the way for recording and live performances. 

Patience and John Patterson spent some time while trapped inside as blizzards raged outside in the NY Winter experimenting with new sounds and lyrical depths.  


“With this new arrangement still seeping in John and I carried on writing. Losing time and losing light, we experimented in our tiny grey band room, making riffs out of feedback loops, fooling around with sounds and layering vintage synthesisers, for hours daily, sometimes without choice, being trapped by blizzards too terrific and terrifying to ride our bikes home in. We punctuated the day with ritualised trips for cheap beer and tamales,” Patience muses.


“Satisfied but not full, craving more sounds to eat, we began asking friends to fill in the gaps with bass and drums.” The Grates then recruited Brooklyn drummer Ben Marshall to bang the skins on the record. He’s passionate about music with an insatiable appetite for good tunes. They hit upon the right mix with bassist and producer Gus van Go, also bringing in Werner F to help with production duties.  


“After working with a handful of talented musicians we hit upon the right chemistry with Gus, one half of our production team, taking over bass duties and Ben on drums. We then took a month in the studio working through each song together, playing as a band, getting ideas and getting excited.”

“Recording has begun, songs are taking shape. Even through it's cold, we continue to bike daily to Gus & Werner's Williamsburg studio. Our producers are amazing, we love every minute,” enthuses Patience.


“That said we also can't wait to bring home a bunch of new music to Australia.” The Grates’ highly anticipated new album is due out in June 2011.


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