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The Living End return to the studio  17 February 2011

Having blown us all away with their platinum, ARIA-Award winning album, ‘White Noise’, massive touring schedule and insane sing-a-longs The Living End settled down and spent 2010 writing album number six. 

They head into the studio later this month with producer Nick Didia (Pearl Jam, Powderfinger, Rage Against The Machine, Bruce Springsteen).


“We are super excited to be working alongside the very talented Nick Didia who we met while making White Noise. He is a fantastic producer and he knows how to capture the sound and spirit of a band. This is very important for us,” says guitarist and frontman Chris Cheney.


The band amassed more than 40 songs to choose from. It really is going to be an embarrassment of riches. The Living End aim to construct an album as a whole, instead of a collection of songs.


“That’s the shortlist!” laughs Cheney. “The aim has been to construct something more direct, simple and therefore tougher and bigger sounding than anything we’ve done before. We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with the parts of the songs to achieve this. Also and most importantly this will be an album, not just a bunch of songs.”


It’s a reinvigoration for the band, who made no secret of the fact that before ‘White Noise’ brought back their inspiration and love of music, they had thought about stopping for good. Now nothing can be further from the truth as The Living End continue to produce high quality demos to be fleshed out this February/March in the studio.   


The Living End did a week’s worth of live shows to test the new material. They tried to remain under the radar, but the events quickly became word of mouth wildfire and fans packed the venues to get a taste.


“As usual for TLE we did a week’s worth of gigs playing only new songs to see which ones would sink or swim. We also just wanted people to hear what we are up to. There are some really different idea kicking around this time but the emphasis has been on creating a cohesive album that is heavy, melodic and overall very anthemic.”


The Living End’s new album is due out in mid-year through Dew Process.


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