Paul Conrad Presents New Single ‘Records’

Paul Conrad  Records

Paul Conrad makes music for your last night on earth. Be it a plague of empty pop-songs or a storm of dark Soundcloud links, his music sets up a sound system in the empty husk of the Vatican, speakers across an exiled and toxic Hollywood, with songs equally suited to sinister dance floors and lonely Saturday nights at home.

On ‘Records’, Conrad’s warped baritone conjures a haunting picture set against a cinematic, delicate arrangement recorded on his guitar with mathematical precision and shaped with layered vocals.

Growing up with rigorous musical training, Paul Conrad’s first explorations as a musician were in an orchestra as a classical bassoonist, clarinettist and pianist. After years of studying, a rebellion against the dry and technical saw him pick up the guitar instead. Conrad began to experiment and channel a darker attitude, performing in mutant hybrids of punk and rock bands around his hometown of Sydney.

Now, with a genre-defying blend of analogue instruments and electronic production techniques, he has struck on a sound that emphasises his own unique vision – Nocturnes for the Internet age. Drawing on each of the worlds in his diverse background, Conrad even reclaims conventional orchestral instruments and adapts them to be used in digital ways.

Vocally, Conrad’s baritone that plays over deft storytelling and lyricism is a skill no amount of training can teach. He records his lyrics like a notepad; a sense of cathartic wordplay that reflects an expressive and bold worldview, told with quick-witted repartee and dark humour – the trademark of an artist with plenty to say – and will undoubtedly reveal in 2015.


‘Records’ will be available digitally Friday 6 March via Dew Process/Universal Music Australia – Purchase here