Paul Conrad Reveals new video for ‘Records’


The beautiful, damned and destructive come out to play in the glamorously gluttonous video for enigmatic Sydney-composer/singer Paul Conrad’s latest single ‘Records’.

Surfacing online a few months ago ‘Records’ shed light on the dark sounds of Conrad for its crooning baritone vocals, ominous lyrics and balanced blend of orchestral instruments, electronic production and trap influences. 

Like the song, the film clip marries together the sometimes-romantic themes of elegance amongst excess, vanity and vandalism, before shattering these societal concepts into a million meaningless pieces.

Filmed on location in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the multi-talented Conrad co-directed the shoot along with a handpicked team – including local filmmakers Kaleidoscope – to bring his vision to life on screen.

Growing up with rigorous musical training, Paul Conrad combines his years of orchestral study (classical bassoon, clarinet and piano) with a rebellious attitude expressed in various punk and rock bands he’s played with around his hometown.

Paul Conrad’s ‘Records’ is available digitally now via Dew Process/UMA

Purchase ‘Records’ here

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