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The Panics release 'Not Quite A Home' clip  16 January 2012



"Earlier this year I found myself in Indonesia. It was my first time there and I was immediately struck by the beauty in its colours, landscape and the people's warmth and spirituality. A filmmaker friend of mine and I decided to take some time travelling and film what happened, with the idea to make a film clip. We realised that being somewhat out of place wherever we went, that the idea of the foreigner in a new landscape not quite fitting in, was very much like the subject matter of 'Not Quite A Home'. The song, written in England and based around a friend of mine never feeling at home in that land and always being the outsider, was a perfect match for the footage.

Over a few days we decided to simply hit the road and meet locals, get talking, have a drink and a conversation (when possible) and keep the camera rolling. Out of place and on the road we roamed with the song and stopped town to town. We gambled at a makeshift pool hall on the side of a highway, wandered the charred remains of a volcanic crater, walked through empty late night market places and roadside bars. One morning we found ourselves following a large crowd into a makeshift arena and found ourselves amongst a few thousand gamblers screaming at the illegal but tolerated cock fighting. It was brutal and highly intense to watch, but is very popular and a cultural event you don't see every day. Of all the places to feel most out of place, that would have to be it.

The song is a personal favourite and in many ways telling of the recurring themes on 'Rain On the Humming Wire'. A song of displacement, travel and unrequited love, written between Australia and England; it's what we do best."

Jae Laffer, The Panics


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