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Sarah Blasko reveals her 'God-Fearing' video  29 January 2013


After the tumbling 'I Awake', Sarah Blasko is here to rouse with follow-up single 'God-Fearing'. Underscored by seething strings, warm keys and strong percussion, the track is an immediate and unfiltered result of an evening spent in the company of emotional opportunists.

“You’ve got a nerve, you know you make me hate. One thing I love you try to take away” - and so begins God-Fearing.

Directed by Natalie van den Dungen (who also directed Seeker Lover Keeper’s three-part video series), the video clip reveals a darker and more vulnerable Blasko than ever before.

“The spark of the idea for God-Fearing was borne out of something Natalie shot of me over a year ago,” Blasko explains. “We were out late one night and I was tired, jetlagged and a little drunk, and I liked how candid it was. We're good friends and I feel very comfortable around her so I wanted to have that opportunity to let go of my inhibitions and defences in front of the camera - just her and I."

“God-Fearing is essentially about being bullied. About feeling used up and spat out. When we shot it I was again tired, jetlagged and a little drunk, and my emotional state was really raw. Some of it's really hard for me to watch because I know that my feelings were so genuine,
” she says.

Speaking of the recording process, van den Dungen adds: “We undermined, at every step in production, anything that would result in a polished performance using minimal camera and lighting, no crew and just a few takes - nothing was rehearsed.”

A fiercely independent visionary, Blasko’s self-produced album "I Awake" has been described as a “masterpiece” (Rolling Stone). In addition to multiple 4.5-star reviews (from the likes of The Australian and The West Australian) the album garnered nominations for J Award Album of The Year and Rolling Stone Album of The Year, certifying Blasko as one of our boldest and bravest Australian artists.

Pushing the limits once more, Blasko will be joined by an orchestra in each capital city as part of her I Awake national tour, which kicks off this weekend. Armed with the freedom to perform as grandly or as intimately as she desires, Blasko will stir the beast that is "I Awake" while breathing new life into old favourites.

Sarah Blasko’s 'God-Fearing' is taken from the album "I Awake", out now via Dew Process. Click here to purchase the album.

The I Awake National Tour is on sale now.


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